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Totally Smokeless, Pollution free, dust free Gas Tandoor.
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1. Gas expense of 1/6th of coal use.

2. Coal is expensive and banned in all over the world.

3. Cost of PALLS GAS TANDOOR is recovered in 4-5 months time per Saving of fuel.

4. Pre/heating time 8-10 minutes only as compared to 60/90 Minutes smoke filled pre­heating of Coal/Mud     Tandoors.

5. For chicken roasting, pre\heating time is 2-3 minutes only.

6. No moving part and no damageable, breakable or replaceable Part in normal use.

7. For ideal performance in hotels, canteens, clubs, restaurants, Hospitals, catering unit, defence kitchens     and cookhouses.

8. For villages Jungles, mountain, deserts, caravans, yatras and tent houses.

9. For Nan-bayees in J&K

10. Defence officials please note that small roties made on Tawas waste 20% dry aata and consume           1/4 th more gas than our gas tandoors. Production rate of Roties is 1/4th faster in tandoors.

11. All preparations including chicken roasting and kababs are totally fat-free preparations.

12. Tandoori cook remains healthy because of zero smoke zero pollution.

13. Some persons have placed gas burner under the clay Tandoor, which are not triple walled. The     gas flame enters the cavity of the clay Tandoor and CO2 & CO smell spoils the taste of the cooked material.
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