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1. Place the tandoor on its stand and position the table over the TANDOOR . The Tandoor sides should not touch the table opening. The entrance window of the table and the entrance of the stand of the Tandoor should be in one line.

2. Screw the pressure valve on the cylinder. Tighten and close the regulator on the steel pipe of the burner assembly. Ignite the match stick, open the regulator slightly and ignite the burner. For few seconds open the gas fully to see if the gas flows properly giving at least 2 feet flame. Reduce the flame to 1 -1.5 feet and push the burner trolley underneath the table to the bottom of the tandoor. Push it fully. It automatically fits in to the center of the stand.

3. Place the lid of the tandoor giving a slight opening a side. Let this medium flow of gas continue for 8 to10 minutes for heating the inner cavity of the Tandoor. After 8 to10 minutes reduce the regulate to low medium.

4. Slap the chapatties on the wall. It would show bubbles on its surface immediately. If the bubble come slowly then allow the medium flow of gas for 1 to 2 minutes more till the bubbles appear immediately on the surface of the Chapatti. Now the Tandoor is ready for operation.

5. You may slap Roties, Nans, Paranthas stuff Paranthas on the inner surface. Normally the Tandoor should become fully loaded in 2 minutes. The outer surface of the Naan starts to become brownish. With the help of remover Rods start removing the chapatti and then continue slapping more Chapatties if needed.

6. Chicken, Fish, Kebabs, Paneer, Tikkas etc. are hung on the rods which are in turn placed in the Tandoor at low medium heat. These normally become ready in 8/12 minutes depending upon the product.

7. If the Tandoor is not in use, put the gas flow at zero. After 10/15 minutes when you again require the use of Tandoor increase the gas to medium and in 1 -2 minutes start operating again . You may operate the Tandoor "As and when you need" thereby reducing the consumption/expense of the gas.

8. Never allow the gas on the medium or full, when you are not using the Tandoor. It can become overheated. If at all it becomes overheated, the Chapatti will fall down. This is not a problem. In such case reduce the heat to zero. Take a towel, wet it in full water and just move it in on the inner surface of the Tandoor 3 to 4 times. The over heating disappears in half a minute. Start operating the Tandoor as before.

CLEANING: When you find in 3 - 4 week that the Tandoor has become soiled or dirty then clean it from out side & all side with vim. Just clean it as you clean any utensil, by rubbing the vim with water and scrubber. Wash it with water. Heat it for few minutes till all vapors and water evaporates. After such cleaning heat the tandoor for 10/12 minutes instead of 8/10 minutes. Normal daily cleaning with wet cloth is necessary.
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